Syd Riggs

MacQueens Birthday: 2017

Where are you from: Charlottetown, PEI.

What are three adjective that describe your class: fun, sweaty, and challenging

How do you want people to feel during your class: Strong and accomplished

What is your favourite style of music: As long as it is not classic country (i.e. Saturday Night Hoe Down style) – I like it all!

What do you feel is your strength as a coach: I come from a running and CrossFit background, and I am a big believer in proper technique. I use fitness as a way to enjoy my life to the fullest and I hope to be able to share my enthusiasm and love for movement with you!

What occupies your life outside of coaching: I have a hard time sitting still – so I am always looking for a new project or challenge. This year I have been coaching and training in CrossFit, I wrote my CPA exam, and bought and renovated (still a work in progress) my first house. I try to move and sweat every day, and I have found that this mindset helps me balance my busy life and has allowed me to make many like-minded friends.

Give us a random fact about you: I don’t own a television.