Kelley MacQueen

MacQueen’s Birthday:  Not gonna tell you my age but I was born into the MacQueen clan!!  Starting running Indoor Cycling classes in 2001 when the majority of the family tribe went south to Cuba for the winter months! Very proud to be operating this “Healthy Business” going into our 16th year.

Where are you from: Wood Islands- born in Charlottetown, PEI

What are three adjectives that describe your class: Inclusive, Fun, Challenging

How do you want people to feel during your class: Like they came to have a visit-left Inspired!!

What is your style of music: Music is the element I keep striving for.  A key component to the experience!!What do you feel is your strength as a coach? I feel Cycling and Rowing alike are amazing Low Impact sports that anybody can take part in.  Inclusion is a big part of my game!!

What occupies your life outside of coaching?  3 Beautiful girls ages 1-5, a great husband and a part-time gig at WestJet – all complete me in some way.

Give us a random fact about you: I can recite the Alphabet backwards, I used to be a Legal Administrative Assistant and I have cycled PEI from West to East in one day.