FAQ for Indoor Cycling/Rowing

This is a FAQ for Indoor Cycling/Rowing and Ride and Row – Queen Street Fitness.

We use heart rate monitors but also coach by RPE (rate of perceived exertion.).

Just bring shoes (runners or spd cleated shoes) and water.

Show up early if you’re new so the instructor can help set you up and give you a quick overview of what to look for on the bikes and screens.

How do we get INDIVIDUALLY TRAINED in the group class? By using…

Heart Zones 1-5

Zone 1 (50 – 60% of MHR) BLUE ZONE

This is the Zone we begin to warm up in, it’s also where we end up after our ride to cool down!. It will still benefit and increase your fitness levels, as well as self-esteem and your blood chemistry..

Zone 2 (60 – 70% of MHR) GREEN ZONE

This is the zone where we spend most of our time in! The Sustainable Power GREEN Zone! Our heart begins to benefit. Training in this zone will begin improve your hearts ability to pump blood and improve the muscle cells ability to utilize oxygen. In this zone stored body fat is the primary source of energy utilized and so this zone is referred to as the weight management zone. This is a good zone for long slow distance exercise as the body becomes more efficient at feeding the working muscles more efficiently especially with fat as the main fuel source.

Zone 3 (70 – 80% of MHR) YELLOW ZONE

This zone is the most effective for overall cardiovascular fitness and is often called the “aerobic zone” or “target heart rate zone”. This is the optimal zone to workout in to increase your cardio-respritory capacity or the bodies ability to transport oxygenated blood to the muscle cells and carbon dioxide away from the cells. After a while you will be able to recover more quickly in between drills in the program.. Your body will burn less glucose and more stored fat as fuel thereby working more efficiently. This zone is also effective for increasing overall muscle strength. On the road, you spend your time here, not touring, but riding for fitness!

Zone 4 (85% – MHR Anaerobic Threshhold) ORANGE ZONE

This level is where you cross over from aerobic training to anaerobic training which is called the anaerobic threshold or AT. This is the point where the body cannot effectively remove lactic Acid from the working muscles quickly enough. Lactic Acid is a by product of glycogen consumption by the working muscles. This zone is primarily for people who want to increase their performance levels.

During this zone your muscles are tired, your breathing is heavy and you are fatigued. The benefit of training in this zone is you can increase your bodies ability to tolerate and deal with lactic acid for a longer period of time as the enzymes in your muscles responsible for anaerobic metabolism are increased.

Zone 5 (90-100% – Max)

Need I say more? This is all out – full effort and is unsustainable!! We take you there but usually never longer than 3-5 minutes-and generally only 15-30 second bursts.